I write about the liminal spaces between all the things we say and do. I write pseudonymously for all the usual reasons - free expression, privacy, and authenticity.

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Why Diffuse Attention?

Diffuse attention” is the thing that happens when your mind wanders aimlessly, and you want be mad at yourself for losing focus. Except you don’t get mad because you find that you’ve just had a Creative and Cool Thought™.

Diffuse Attention is where I turn one such Thought into an essay. Mostly, they explore

Thinking from the Body is my newsletter, exploring the intuition that game-changing thinking isn’t a cognitive act alone.


I am a caste-privileged woman, raised in India at the turn of the millennium. I believe the faculty of co-regulation is the ultimate superpower, and that reading the room well is the only life hack you need.

Everything I write here is an essay I would’ve liked to read as a confused, awkward, and shy teenager.

The theme that anchors my writing is that our shared reality is an act of co-creation.

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Slow-thinking about slow-living in a fast-moving world


Wonder-surfing, embodied living, writing, becoming.