Yes, love the collaborative experience idea between writer and reader. I always appreciate your writing, and I've never really understood the conversation about who writers should write for. The process all seems more mysterious and magical to me than the idea there is a set audience that should be targeted. Writing for me seems to be more an act of surrender. Sometimes I write for me, sometimes for an "audience" of some kind, but what always makes writing interesting to me is that the writer has surrendered themselves to the unfolding of the process. I have greatly appreciated many of your pieces that it seems you would say are self focused. Ironically, I often feel much more involved in such writing, because when any individual really talks about themselves and what makes them human, the tap into human-ness in general, and I'm fully along for the ride. I'm here for wherever you decide to go with the "pen" on any given day. Keep exploring. Loved the Scrabble metaphor by the way.

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The articulation of this feeling hits me in this piece. ā€˜I write into existence a world that I create.ā€™

And even for a little bit we exist together in this space, bound by your words and the craft you are sharing. Thank you for this piece šŸ’•

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Writing *with* the audience, genius! I heard all of this in your voice, such a great piece and reflection. I definitely think you should embrace the Samosa Lover for those of us who can not easily get one (though keep the lawyer, creative and runner to if you'd like!)

This made me laugh ->"On most days, Iā€™m drowning in advice I refuse to take from myself." I relate to it so much. And also to the main idea in your essay. I feel like writing isn't just self expression for me, it's figuring something out for myself. You're right, it does end up being world building. Each of us inviting each other into one another's world. Loved it Malavika!

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Jun 20, 2023Liked by Malavika Mudit

The way you think about your life helps me think about mine.

That's what's special about it. You are not writing for me. You are writing for you. And by doing that in such an introspective manner, you end up writing for me.

Thank you for this piece.

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So much of what you wrote resonates so much it feels like it came out of my own bodymind...

Eg I just wrote this tweet about co-creating reality a couple hours ago! https://twitter.com/leansolopreneur/status/1671011678140637186?s=46&t=6avka0RjKWZNpGvqG0buDA

I think we might be on absurdly parallel journeys.

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Reality is so much better with a dose of you in it. A great way to think about writing and world-building.

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