"What if the opposite were true?"

This such a powerful pattern interrupt to keep the assumption making machine in check.

You're so good at sharing ideas like this in the form of real life stories, which allows their value to leap the divide between your experience and the possibility of me actually making use of it in a real life situation of my own.

Thanks Malavika.

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“You’re right… you’re right. I am seeing it now. It’s everywhere.”

Thank you for sharing this, Malavika. This last sentence said a lot.

Sometimes we overlook very obvious things that are plainly visible just because we can't relate with what other person experiencing.

I'm so glad that you spoke to him and made him realise.

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When I read "Schrödinger" in the title and coming from you, I already knew it was going to be another gem, and indeed it is!

It's such a powerful way of thinking, so liberating, and makes me very happy that it came full circle with your interactions with Raj and how deep you have internalized it and applied it. And also that you express it so clear and relatable with your writing.

I believe the realization of "What if… X is just a human being having a human experience?" is even more powerful and useful by being non-judgemental and forgiving, and that in turn frees the person asking so much. Will definitely keep that in mind more often!

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I loved this Malavika! Both that you spotlighted an issue many women face in the workplace and that you personally took some time to reflect on it and approach your coworker about his mindset. While of course, it'd be nice if everyone self reflected on their own, it's so helpful to future generations of women when we are able to help out. Great reflection! I find people are rarely good vs bad but sometimes lack insight into what is obvious to us.

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Full of courage and insight, thank you for sharing!

"You're right. I am seeing it now." -- that's how to make allies and friends, one at a time. Kudos to you!

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Of course this was brilliant. Through introspection and self-awareness, you came to a place where you were able to effect change. Younger you, perhaps, didn't have the necessary tools to do what older you did.

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What an insightful essay Malavika. Thank you for having the courage to share it.

"You're right. I am seeing it now." Powerful.

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